Now with a click of a button, your customers can request a face2face video call directly from your WordPress site. Not into video, you can chat as well! Live connections, no bots! 

Run your business from anywhere

When someone on your site has a question, don’t send them to a Bot or a ticket system. Forget about antiquated Chats where your customers have no idea who’s on the other end. 

Face2Face WP allows your customers to connect within seconds to you on your Android or IOS device.

So simple to use. When a visitor to your site wants to connect, they click the Face2Face button on your site. You will get a call on your iPhone, Android or Computer which will show you who is calling and allow you to accept or reject the call. 

Rejected or missed calls will be saved in a call log and depending on your installed plugins, you can notify the missed or rejected calls by email or sms. 

Android iOS WP Plugin
person holding silver iPhone 6

Chat and Page Jump without losing the Call

Walk a visitor through your site. Send links or chat within the app. It’s totally in your hands. Own an e-commerce site? It’s the next best thing to selling in person. Build relationships. People will always buy more when they know the person they are buying from.

You can hop from page to page and never miss a beat. The video will reload on each page. 

Increase your sales. Build Confidence. Stay Connected. 


Selling in-person is generally easier than selling online. It’s easier to build trust with people and you can overcome objections and read people’s emotions. However, selling online is incredibly scalable. That’s why many smart small businesses start out selling in-person but start to implement more online selling.

Rapport and Trust are fundamental when it comes to e-commerce. It’s much easier to create a relationship and trust when you are meeting with someone in-person.

People also tend to be more nervous in online transactions. A US Government survey that found half of Americans are reluctant to shop online.

What does it cost?

There will be several option as we continue to add new features. The first 200 subscribers will pay $39 per month for as long as they maintain an active account.

What is Face2Face Video Chat on WordPress

If you ever use FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp or any other video chat platform then Face2FaceWP will be a snap. With the plugin installed, your app on your device and a subscription to Vonage and Face2FaceWP, your website visitors can request a video call with you while browsing your site. Within seconds of you accepting the request, you will be on a live video call. 

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